1960’s announces itself to 21st century design

Peter Maddison – Director of Maddison Architects and host of Grand Designs Australia, approached us to renovate his own home. 

This entailed a modern twist on a 1960’s classic that proved to be one of our most interesting and rewarding projects. This significant renovation proved challenging as the original building was out of plumb, out of square, and out of level. Wanting to maintain the classic 1960’s charm, Peters brief was to incorporate 21st century ideas while enhancing the curves and textures from its timeless era.

An exceptional amount of time was poured into selecting unusual building materials to create a point of difference.

Hand shaped timber veneer cabinetry, carefully planned floor and ceiling tiles that resulted in no odd pieces, and grass cloth wall paper which provided a retro, but sophisticated finish.

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The theme was continued into the landscape where the bungalow absorbed a 1960’s design revival that featured recycled timber and era specific feature brickwork. 

Part of the existing pool was cleverly converted into a water tank that sustained the irrigation for the garden. Today, the house successfully marries the two eras, creating a wonderfully warm and inviting residence for future generations to enjoy. Completed in 2016, this project won the HIA Best Kitchen of the year 2017 and Best Renovated Kitchen Awards.


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