The project showcased a passion for gardens and a perfect use of space

The clients brief was to draw on classic elements to create a beautiful environment, with a long-term family home to last a lifetime.

With upstairs living for the children, and relaxed zones downstairs including a timeless cook’s kitchen, every family member has their own space to enjoy.

Stunning white custom cabinetry and high ceilings open up the living areas which have been elegantly styled to compliment the humble theme of this home.

The living areas were carefully orientated to capture the gardens outside. The sitting room is accompanied by a cosy little courtyard that is perfect for reading a book or just enjoying the peace and quiet outside.

Pellew 2-a
Second Picture 2
Third Picture
Upon entering the garden the lush green foliage announces itself against the dark fence colours.

The timber battens on the fence line introduce another dimension to the depth of the garden. The blend of mass ground covers, and both evergreen and deciduous trees keep the garden with significant interest year-round.


Rigney Scerri Architects

Landscape Designer

Sam Gray - Atkinson Pontifex

Interior Designer

Winston Design

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