Red Hill South

Nestled in the natural splendour of the bushland.

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This renovation and extension was an absolute delight to complete for some of our favourite, regular clients.

We became totally invested in bringing their retirement property back to its former glory. Included in the scope of works was an out of ground swimming pool that blended into extension of the home, but sits perched at the top of a tiered recycled railway sleeper retaining wall, providing uninterrupted views down to the property dam and down into the valley.

Our carpenters thoroughly enjoyed working with the Shou Sugi Ban finished timber A Japanese custom utilising centuries-old burning techniques to preserve the timber.

The black carbon finish being a standout. This craftsmanship adds a touch of timeless elegance, ensuring that every aspect of the renovation attains the highest standards. 

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The expansive deck, an integral part of the property invites residents to relax in the serene beauty of the bush, surrounded by the ambient sounds of local kookaburras.

Within the interiors, Italian tiles sourced from Urban Edge Ceramic adorn the wet areas, laid in a herringbone pattern. This infusion of high-quality materials not only adds a layer of opulence but also resonates with the warmth of the bush setting, creating an environment of refined luxury.

The transformation of a 1950s under house water tank into a wine cellar Pays homage to the local winemaking heritage.

This sophisticated space not only provides the perfect storage solution for a remarkable wine collection but also integrates seamlessly into the overall narrative of the property's high-end renovation.


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Retired paddocks, now released from agricultural duties have been carefully landscaped with strictly indigenous trees.

This thoughtful approach ensures the preservation of the local ecosystem while enhancing the panoramic views and overall tranquillity of the residence.

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