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The fusion of Heritage home and bespoke modern design

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The stunning Heritage home in a simply unbeatable Location with uninterrupted views across Port Phillip Bay was beginning to show its age.

This is why the right team we required to restore its beauty.

It became apparent quickly that our clients had a very detailed vision.

Countless hours had been spent collecting interesting pieces for their new home for some time, including a vintage wooden bar from Paris, bespoke basins, wall art, mountable sculptures, an array of chandeliers, unique door handles and handmade wallpaper just to name a few.


With Heritage-listed home restrictions in play, the façade was unchanged Except for new state of the art thermally broken steel windows.

The single-story rear of the home was demolished to make way for the new addition. Included in the extension was the creation of the basement and a new structure for the open-plan living and large conservatory.

With the existing front lawn and pool in disrepair, it was replaced with a beautiful large productive espalier garden. The footprint of the existing pool shell was converted to 2x 20,000ltr water tanks under the new garden, and a new 20m lap pool placed out the back.


To create the finished look luxurious black and gold cabinetry, floral splashbacks and island benches, and vibrant feature walls come together to create this aesthetic.

Windows SouthRD

The original façade timber windows were replaced with high-performing replicas, making sure the home didn't lose its elegant street appeal.

The large internal glass and timber doors that connect the original build to the new were salvaged from another period home, reconditioned, and cut to size.

The vintage plate glass window takes centre stage in the open plan living area Void, with adaptations made to this piece to ensure it meets energy rated requirements.

The stunning chandelier and sconces set the tone for this room, throwing shades of pink and blue. Full-length thermally broken steel windows flood this room with natural light.


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Very focused on creating a high-performing energy conscious house While still taking into consideration the limitations of the original build, a host of modern passive building techniques went into the renovation.

Wrapping the entire home in a membrane to ensure water tightness, prevent air leaks, doubling down on the insulation, and then with the inclusion of hydronic heating makes this large home snug, regardless of the weather outside.

Specialised ventilation tailored to this exact situation and installed in the historic part of the home to ensure air circulation was above standard throughout. A state of the art solar system was designed and implemented to maintain power requirements and supplement the existing incoming power supply, which wasn't enough for the brand new appliances throughout.

The addition of a private cinema and entertainment zones was a paramount consideration for a large family who enjoyed spending time together.

The quirky lower level boasts old timber bar from Paris, providing an excellent talking point while enjoying cocktail or two. The cinema room is finished with a feature custom starry ceiling and fitted out with luxury recliners, you would never know you are below the angle of repose of the brand new swimming pool and the original bluestone footings of the existing homestead.


The bayfront walk-in robe emerges as a scenic sanctuary.

For the homeowner's collection of modern, designer, and antique shoes and handbags. This room is a realm where fashion meets art.

A major part of the project was the need for a 20m lap pool This above ground structure is an engineering masterpiece, sitting above the basement and right on the property boundary.

With a stunning mosaic mural and large preview window, the pool is the central piece of the new backyard.

South Rd Garden no

A stunning English garden at the front of the original period home Is teeming with glorious curiosities and antiques which gives the garden an enchanted air.

Brought to life by a productive orchard including limes, peaches, nectarines, oranges, lemons, apples, and figs growing in glorious Espalier form.

The blue stone pavers and pitchers that create the driveway have been thoughtfully repurposed from when they were the footings of the original home.

Interior Design

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Sam Gray - Atkinson Pontifex

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