Built from industry inspiration and passion – a unique family home.

At the heart of Tennyson is a passion for landscape, showcased at the tranquil entrance and front garden to take advantage of the block’s northern orientation.

It’s no accident that you can hear the gentle trickling of water as you approach the front gate. Or, once inside, that you’re guided to walk under an intricate, custom laser cut aluminum screen beside fishponds and bluestone steppers where you can feel, smell and hear each immersive element.

Tennyson reflected a desire to experiment with textures and materiality in a residence that rewards functionality with exquisite attention to detail.

This spatial connection is enhanced by the house’s north-facing position and natural cross-ventilation, which is typical of the passive design we incorporate into each house we build. Every element has been meticulously considered to achieve a theme reflecting David’s true passion.

The timber for the screen upon entry was sourced from an old hat factory in Richmond, built in 1910.

David’s wish to weave contemporary and industrial detail into the building is celebrated with exposed brickwork, steel-framed windows, recycled oak and herringbone noggins expressing his personal style.


Raw Architecture

Landscape Designer

Atkinson Pontifex

Interior Designer

David Pontifex

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