A Styling Feast for the Senses


The client's brief was to change the functionality of the existing house to better suit her lifestyle with an inspired indoor and outdoor renovation that also paid tribute to her bohemian childhood in Africa.

As a passionate traveller, she collaborated closely with us on all interior furnishings and fixtures to ensure that her vision for a moody, earthy palette remained the perfect backdrop for her collection of African artwork, traditional necklaces and precious artefacts.

Dark timber veneers, marble, stone cladding and grey-washed timbers add a rich, textural quality to the interiors while structurally the floor plan was revised with a new kitchen and combined pantry/laundry to provide an enhanced interior flow and standard of living.

To better reflect our client's wish to create a stronger connection with the outdoors, downstairs windows facing the rear garden were replaced by French doors, seamlessly integrating the experience from inside to out with a harmonious connection.

1973_CDGW_64_WELLSv3 copy 2

Externally, an existing tennis court dominating the rear was removed and the remaining space transformed into a Hamptons-style garden with a generous lawn and symmetrical planting in aesthetically zoned spaces.

Finally, the original swimming pool was cleverly converted into a water tank to irrigate the gardens, and a larger pool was installed deeper into the block, continuing the theme of the garden and creating more space for the client's children to run around in.

Architectural Designer

Atkinson Pontifex

Interior Design

Gaby McGrath - Client

Interior Design Documentation

Austin Design


Sam Gray - Atkinson Pontifex

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