A contemporary twist on classical style.

A corporate family of four from overseas, our clients desired a custom-built home to fulfil their needs, including catering for active children and a love for cuisine with outdoor entertaining.

They loved the French classical style so synonymous with Bayside but sought a contemporary version that promised a fresh, open feel with more outdoor options for their family. Hand-forged, wrought iron Mediterranean front doors, a Canary Island date palm tree craned onto site and Spanish slate roof tiles create a lasting first impression as you enter through the front gate.

The rear was carefully designed to effortlessly fuse modern and classic elements, including day living areas and kitchen facing north, showcasing large glass surfaces to optimise natural light and ventilation.

This job required listening, planning and evaluating. We were challenged on many fronts to layer the different styles of French provincial architecture to a contemporary kitchen and dining area. All while making sure to maintain the classical finishes of the cornice, architraves and skirtings. Free-flowing sliding doors face a fully equipped alfresco kitchen, complete with teppanyaki grill and timber deck, providing the family with brilliant interior and exterior functionality for entertaining.

Our client also wished for a swimming pool, which was cleverly placed adjoining the outdoor kitchen and lawn to enable cooking and splashing within each other’s line of sight.

Mature trees planted around the perimeter complement the formal garden to the front, creating a suburban oasis that fuses each style effortlessly.


Rigney Scerri Architects

Landscape Construction

Atkinson Pontifex 

Interior Designer

Austin Design Associates

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