Project Hanby Update #2

Our colossal 2-story over basement home, is transforming into a family oasis.

Together with the client and the architect, the AP team are in the process of creating a home whose intricate features dovetail seamlessly. Every design decision considered, explored, and perfectly executed. The finished home will be unlike many created, due to the scale, complexity, and design discipline.

Thanks to cutting-edge 3D modelling, we've pushed the limits, bringing the home right to the boundary of possibility. This technology allowed us to visualize and perfect every detail before construction began, ensuring flawless execution.

At the heart of Project Hanby lies a suspended slab, a structural masterpiece fortified with a staggering 25 tons of steel and 230 m³ of concrete. The vast 600sqm basement makes room for a host of family orientated features.

With some of the finest craftsman in Melbourne, our larger team have created beautiful focal points, including the luxury pool and elegant landscaped lounging areas. The sweeping honed concrete creates a serene and inviting environment, making the pool a central element of the property’s outdoor living area. Alfresco dining, BBQ’s, sunken lounge and fire pit makes outdoor living possible all year round.

Stay tuned as we bring this architectural marvel to life, setting new standards in residential construction and luxury living.

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